Disney’s Frozen Recut as Trailer for 90’s Lesbian Indy Drama

The cut was originally inspired by the Change.org Petition: Make Queen Elsa a Lesbian.

I always love random reposts! Especially foreign countries! The german movie website Moviepilot.de (Most heavily visited movie site in Germany, per Wikipedia) reposted my slash fiction trailer of Frozen, recut as a 90’s/Lesbian/Indy Drama. The article mostly discusses the new controversial gay character in Beauty in Beast, but the part about my video translates as such:

Disneys “schwuler Moment” in Die Schöne und das Biest ist Quatsch (Translation: Disney’s “gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast is nonsense)

Translated: The best and most recent example of this is The Ice Queen – completely freezing. Their main figure, Elsa, triggered a real little storm, because reading her as a lesbian woman is incredibly simple and outright satisfying for women who also identify. All you have to do is ignore the fact that Elsa and Anna are sisters. There are countless re-cuts and there was even a petition that asked Disney to give Elsa in the Frozen 2 a girlfriend. Here is my favorite re-cut, which makes a 90s indie drama from Frozen:



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After tonight’s overture, the curtain may fall on more than one Diva….