PreviouslyTV: Law & Order: Recidivist Coat Unit

Law & Order: Recidivist Coat Unit

Bundle up! …All you women in seven different episodes!

Remember that shirt that kept popping up on witnesses across multiple episodes of Law & Order? The show’s costumer seems to have bought another garment from the same collection, and here it is, on seven different ladies.


PreviouslyTV: TV’s 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

TV’s 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

84 TV shows. 165 clips. …20 costumes?

TV characters love celebrating Halloween. Apparently they also love renting costumes from the same shops, because the same ones sure seem to come up a lot. Here, in less than three minutes, are 165 examples, from 84 shows, of TV’s 20 go-to costumes!

PreviouslyTV: Law & Order: Recidivist Shirt Unit

Law & Order: Recidivist Shirt Unit

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by one equally colored green and blue print blouse. This is its story. Dum-DUM.

Your average Law & Order is going to have a lot of actors. And there’s only so many items of clothing in the costume trailer. This video is about a blouse. A blue and green print blouse. And this shirt really gets around the streets of New York.