Willy Wonka Nail Art

I absolutely love Willy Wonka, I had to to go themed, right down to the nails.




Willy Wonka: Everlasting Gobstoppers and Cookie Shots Glasses

Willy Wonka is easily in my top 10, so I never miss it when it screens. I wanted to go all out food wise! I found a “recipe” for Everlasting Gobstoppers on Pinterest. I have also been so eager to make these cookie shot glasses. Inside I put a mix of heavy cream and vanilla vodka. All recipes below!



Everlasting Gobstoppers

11.) start with thick royal icing, emphasis on thick. Think the consistency of paste.

2.) Organize jelly beans by color.


3.) Put a dallop of royal icing on one color and carefully shove all 6 colors into the icing ball. Lay on wax paper and allow to dry. Fridge helps too, especially if you make them early.


Cookie Shot Glasses

It takes a few tries, I recommend making some extra dough the first time, I had about a 25% fail rate. 🙂 Note: You must put them in a fridge before you bake. It will help them keep their form.