The Martian : Potato Garden on Mars Cupcakes

I went to a Golden Globe Screening party at the Cinefamily Hosted by Doug Benson. He hosts a tasting and records his podcast Dining with Doug and Karen on the back patio.

They were so impressed I made it to the Headlining Picture on that Episode.

Give the episode a listen here!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.05.01 PM

The Martian Potato Garden on Mars Cupcakes

1.) Make normal chocolate cupcakes, mix is fine, throw an Mint flavored Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake cup and put batter on top.

2.) Take normal and vanilla Oreos and separate the cookie from the filling. Take the equal amounts of each type of cookie and crush them together. It makes a nice sandy texture.


3.) Sprinkle as much as possible on the Cupcakes, do it while they are still hot and once cooled pile even more on.

4.) Take a butter knife and gently make lines down the center of the “dirt”.


5.) Take a bundle of mint, once cleaned and dried, spread on your cutting board and gently cut “stalk” pieces off. i.e. Long stems, small branches.

6.) Gently push the mint into the “dirt” and carry *very carefully* into the party!

Bakers note: Mint wilts very quickly, the closer these can be made to the event the better!