Golan the Insatiable: Golan Felt Skirt





My boyfriends show on Fox, Golan the Insatiable, had a premiere last week. I am working on my felting skills, making alt style poodle skirts has been something I wanted to start designing forever. So I really wanted a skirt for the premiere.

Here’s a close up of how my Golan Dylan came together:

Now! The process, here’s a close up of Golan’s layering.


Then I added legs and pyramid studs.

And for Dylan, I admit, she was more problematic felting wise. I.e. a lot of small pieces. She came together ok, but she definitely holds up better from a few feet away. 🙂


As far as patterning, Golan I did visually, but Dylan needed more of a guide. So I fashioned my own pattern. Which also helped preplan the proper layering. I just printed 4 copies of the same Dylan picture. Cut out her different parts and kept one master.


And ta da!



Golan The Insatiable: Golan Cupcakes

Golan the Insatiable Cupcakes!



I just used good ole cake mix for the cupcake, but for the face:

  • Bugles for ears


  • Purple sprinkles for the eye holes
  • Use the skinniest round tip for the icing bag. I use chocolate frosting and Wilton gel Food dye in black for eyes, nose, and mouth.