Fast Times at Ridgemont High Picnic

Cinespia opened its season with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The red bikini was an obvious reference, it took me a little while to figure something out….but I did it!


Red Bikini Sugar Cookies

My Keep Their Shape Sugar Cookie Recipe.


For the Red icing I used  a method called “flooding”. I am new to it, so I will link to the youtube video I used below.

Basically you use runny royal icing, ice the border of the cookie, wait for it to dry and then fill it in with more icing. Great for that super smooth look.


My Progress tracked below: 🙂


Burger Sauces

I loved the scene at the Burger joint where Judge Reinhold talk about what the secret sauce is made of. So I made competing Fast Times Burger Joint Secret Sauces with labels!

FT Bronco Burger

FT All American Burger Secret Sauce