Addams Family Values Cosplay

Oh. My. God! I was so excited to see Addams Family values on the big screen! Honestly, I think its better then The Addams Family (1993). So when I saw Cinespia was doing a special Thanskgiving screening I just about died. I haven’t seen the movie screened since I originally saw it!




Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

I love love love this movie! It doesn’t screen nearly enough! When I saw Street Food Cinema scheduled it I bought my tickets, about, 3 months early.

And I finally got to make an idea I had for for-ever! Michelle WineBerger wine labels! Download the pdf label below for your own Romy and Michelle party!

Writers note: Seriously I have had my ‘Michelle’ dress since 8th grade when I wore it my graduation dance. Circa 1997. Sooooo there! 🙂







(click below to download wine label PDF)