FNF: Bloody Number 5 Cake

My boyfriend’s Horror Series (Friday Night Frights @ the Cinefamily) turned 5 this week. They threw a Part 5’s party so it had to be a 5 and it had to be bloody! They showed the 5th movie in all of the great horror franchises so it had to have sugar to help everyone stay up!


Number 5 Cake Recipe

This was a surprisingly easy assembly.I started with a circle and square cake pan.


Once baked and cooled, (1) slice the square cake in half, (2) punch the center out of the circle, I used a glass and (3) cut a quarter of the circle or “o”. Here’s a great recipe from Happy Home Fairy.


Add white icing, bakers tip: For icing with a smooth finish, whip the icing before hand, and start with a huge chunk on your icing wand. It makes it easier to spread when you have a bunch extra. Heres a video to help:


I did the edges in black, I wanted the cake to have a super “fancy vibe” so the blood splatter felt more “red wedding” so to speak. Bakers tip, for chocolate icing, don’t kill your self adding endless food dye to white icing (gross) make chocolate and add black. Much easier!




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