Back to the Future: Felt Skirt

I went to an awesome Enchantment under the Sea Dance hosted by April O’Neil for the Michael J Fox Foundation.

I’ve been working hard on my felt patterning, so I figured a themed poodle-skirt-style felt dress. I watched the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance scene and took note of all dance decorations. Color, shape, etc. I am proud to say all colors, no matter how strange or ill matching, are true to the movie. So basically, my skirt itself is an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.  I made an inspiration Pinterest board here.




  • For the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance sign I used printable fabric. And recreated the sign in Photoshop.

(4) Enchantment Banner

  • The “leash” rope is a simple green braided rope.I cut off small pieces for the small vines coming off the main one.
  • Felt Detailing:
    • Red and Grey Vines with Pink Gems


  • Shells
  • Mermaid


  • Fish
  • Seahorse
  • Dolphin
  • Octopus

Here’s some dance stills I used for color matching.


Step By Step Design



Layout Experimentation:





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