Showgirls Picnic!

Cinespia screened Showgirls this week. I actually made Nomi’s “Versayce” years ago, but I love getting to wear it! For my cupcakes I went dirty! Teehee!



Breast Cupcakes

1.) Bake vanilla cupcakes, mix is fine. šŸ™‚

2.) Make white icing, divide into two bowls, dye one a very lite flesh colored pink, dye the other medium pink.

3.)Icing the cupcakes with the flesh iv=cing and then dallop the pink on top. Note, do not spread it, just a dallop.

4.) For nipples I used red Dots. Take the dot and push it into the pink icing. It will smush up around it and make it look very realistic.


Greatness of all greatness! Elizabeth Berkley came by to introduce the film!



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