Good Burger: Cosplay and Name Tags


I freaking love Good Burger! Kenen and Kel in general were my favorite as a kid. And also being obsessed with orange soda sure helped! 🙂

I was lucky enough to work a screening of Good Burger and made the whole staff name tags. I’ll go over the directions below. But! More importantly, this happened!!!




Name Tag Instructions

  • To start I found a good burger graphic online.


  • And then found the good burger logo, and photoshopped in a solid background behind the lettering.

Blue Logo

  • Added the lettering graphic as top bar to the image. And added burger to the lower left.

GB Name Tage2


  • Created a pdf of the image several times over.

Good Burger Name Tag Doc

  • Print on printable fabric and let dry.


  • Cut out nametags and stitch a black thread zig zag stitch on the outer edge.






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